Welcome to Zacinto: a contemporary design rooted in tradition.
Wood, a timeless material, synonymous with tradition but which inspires new visions.With Zacinto, Concreta wants to establish a new classic that rhymes with contemporaneity: a modern classic that renews tradition but respects its charm and elegance, putting it under a new vision. Welcome to Zacinto, the modern classic of Concreta.

Imagination and uniqueness in style, with a contemporary perspective that respects traditions. Reinterpretation is the key word: Zacinto takes the connotations of the classic and elevates them with modern accessories and volumes. Zacinto translates into a frame door in solid ash wood, with possibility of choise between classic handle and groove.

Different materials for quality details.
With Zacinto, tradition meets the contemporary in multiple combinations thanks to the variety of materials that the collection off ers. From the Nero Greco worktop in Laminam for a more modern touch, to the various colors in essence that give the eternal charm of the classic. Various solutions for one common thread: quality.


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