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Organize your pantry

In a well-organized pantry, every item has its place.

Concreta kitchens has thought about everybody. Every solution can be customized, from extreme order-freaks to the more forgiving ones. Whatever your attitude towards order and organization is, we have the solution for you. Sliding baskets, shelves and counters. Start by dividing your space in dedicated areas. The sliding baskets shown in the picture, are the perfect idea for those difficult corners. They will help you optimize your storage space. Helpful and handy. The right solution to have everything at your fingertips, especially in those crucial moments when you can’t leave the stove.

How can you maximise their power?

Sliding baskets are perfect for oil, spices, and anything you need or use every day. In this way, you can reach everything easily without bending or having to move anything around. Thanks to their slim size you can fit them almost anywhere, taking advantage of those useless narrow spaces.

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