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Trendy kitchens 2020 | Styles and news

Are you looking for inspiration and moods to renew your kitchen? You are in the right place! Concreta Cucine takes you to the discovery of the 2020 trends.

The kitchen is increasingly, and especially in winter, the most lived-in space in the house. Its warmth, its scents and its functionality give us pleasant moments together with friends and relatives.

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The watchword of 2020 is functionality, kitchens are constantly evolving and new systems are increasingly based on a concept of modularity, to adapt to any type of context and space.

In open space environments or in general where space allows it, more and more often, people  choose the counter in the middle of the room that also works as a convivial table, but in smaller environments the best choice is the peninsula kitchen, in any case the purpose is to recreate a comfortable environment, where you feel comfortable every day.

Living GAP with counter in the middle of the room


Life GAP with peninsula

With a view to integration with the living area, over time the kitchen has been transformed into a flexible and design place that gives style to the house thanks to the combination of materials: marble cladding and refined wood essences are combined with new technologies and ultra-resistant materials such as Laminam and Fenix.

Dover with Fenix worktop

Great protagonists of the latest generation kitchens are the equipable panels and the accessorized structures that bring home the performance of a professional model. Not only that, among the biggest novelties in terms of kitchens we find the use of the groove, a special opening system without handles; as in the models Living Life and Dune where we find minimal and functional groove profiles that give the kitchen a complete and uninterrupted view of the fronts of the doors, thus enhancing all the finishes.

Living Life GAP

Dune equipable panels

And the colors?

Among the trend colors 2020 we find shades with soft tones able to infuse calm and give the kitchen a chic and design style. The main colors have a clear reference to nature and take from the earth all the darker shades: hazelnut, walnut, branches and wood. Black remains the great protagonist together with the warm shades of bronze, copper, brass and rust.

Mistral with Ruggine HPL worktop

All you have to do is choose the style that best suits your home and start having fun with materials and colors, combining them together to create a unique and personal space!