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Ideas and inspiration for decorating your table at Christmas!

The Christmas table is one of the most creative and fun aspects of Christmas

Although this year Christmas will be an unusual occasion, the Christmas holidays are still an opportunity to enjoy the warmth and affection of our loved ones, even if from a distance from the magical atmosphere that only Christmas can give us.

To give a special touch to the house, you should not underestimate the importance of a well-set Christmas table. Decorating the table during the holidays means choosing the right combination of colors and decorations for a Christmas table that reflects the style of your home, so we have collected the most beautiful ideas for decorations in style.

Have you already chosen the style and colors of your table? Here are some ideas that will make the choice easier!

Let’s start from the mise en place, a fundamental aspect when setting a table, and able to evoke the family spirit. First of all, choose carefully and according to the chosen style, the suitable tablecloth, place the plates with the napkin in the middle and put the fork on the left and the knife on the right, the glass, if we really have to be fussy, should be placed at 1 cm from the tip of the knife.

Not sure how to match the colors of the Christmas table? An idea that can help you is to match them to your home walls or in general to the colors that characterize the surrounding environment.

On the other hand, if you love classic decorations but don’t want to use the usual green and red, you can combine white and red for a traditional solution but at the same time fresh and delicate. Silver is also an interesting color to start from, if combined with other colors such as purple or green, the result will be fresh and original!

For those who instead love the shabby chic style, very much in vogue in recent years, you can choose this style to decorate your table: lace, pine cones, white candles and some branches are the perfect elements to give a shabby style to your table.

Do you want a refined Christmas table?

The choice of natural colors adapts well to any type of environment, light and discreet shades such as beige or white perhaps combined with gold, silver and copper decorations will make the Christmas atmosphere you are looking for!

If you want to opt for a more playful table choose colorful tablecloths or Christmas prints, even the DIY decorations can be a unique solution: moss, wood, shells, pine cones, combined in the right way will give a very special effect. Let’s not forget one of the Christmas elements par excellence: the centerpiece; vintage, natural or country, it fills and decorates the table with style and harmony.

Do not forget the candles, which will give a touch of magic to the environment. You can lay the candles on the centerpiece or Christmas candle holders. For a more elegant touch, place them on crystal, glass, or metal candlesticks in gold or silver.

Although it will be a different Christmas, Concreta wishes you to spend it in full serenity.

            Merry Christmas to all of you.