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One kitchen to every style! Which one do you prefer?

Three fashion influencers and three Concreta kitchens :  character and indisputable style.

Nowadays, where everything goes through a smartphone screen, influencers, personalities born and grown thanks to the digital world, are able to inspire million of followers with selfies, trends from the last season, dream landscapes or private photos. Fashion influencers on Instagram are real stars with proper fans.

Concreta kitchens are the result of a constant stylistic research and contemporary design, perfect for any type of personality and taste.
That is the reason why we choose 3 between the most famous fashion bloggers of the moment (super top model, blogger, actress…) and we combined them with the new Concreta kitchens.
This gave rise to a perfect combination that exalts style characteristics signed Concreta.

Pure taste and timeless aesthetic , modern and contemporary kitchens, trendy and manufactured with painstaking care. Exactly like true fashion influencers!
Discover your unique style, your ideal kitchen, together with us and Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung.

fashion influencer

Chiara Ferragni started to become known as a blogger and until today she is holding an empire of 13,5 million of followers on Instagram. A worldwide business women and successfull model, 100% Italian, exactly like the Concreta Cucine’s brand. Each of her outfit, all of her looks become trendy. Sofisticated and eccentric, but even romantic and glamour, her style enable her to switch with nonchalance from a casual outfit to extremely sophisticated ones. Chiara Ferragni is exactly like our Dune model, the kitchen line signed Concreta, with a modern taste and always trendy. Like Chiara even Dune make everyone agree. Perfect for every occasion and cool at the right point!

fashion influencer

An  unrivaled “it girl” with 5 million of followers on Instagram! Olivia Palermo style is loved and copied by worldwide fashion addicted. Because Olivia is never wrong : she knows how to perfectly combine the right outfits with strong and unedited matches, that are never excessive, but give a cool twist even to the more classic outfits. Iconic elements combined with materials, contemporary fantasies. Like the Dover line, designed by Concreta Cucine, that dresses in a contemporary way, exactly like the famous “it girl” born in New York.
Great personality and hot mood, poetic!

fashion influencer

Model, announcer and British Vogue contributor, Alexa Chung is always present in the official charts of the better dressed women in the world. Her style is so original, sophisticated that she became the Muse of a lot of Stylists. Her gritty looks, rock chic (very Londiner!) are perfectly matching with the material contrasts, wood – iron, of the Urban Line from Concreta Cucine. Innovative design result of  refined material research that gave birth to a surprising Urban Chic composition. The Street Style never disappoints!