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Concreta & Blum: modern living spaces

The Concreta kitchens are designed to create a functional and refined environment and to give you always the best, thanks to high-tech means of production, advanced management methods, efficient organization, skilled staff…

Concreta assures its customers a continuous assistance and maximum product quality for modern living spaces.


To give you always best Concreta avails of prestigious partnerships such as the one with Blum, an international and reliable company specialized in planning and production of furniture accessories. The Blum solutions for Concreta kitchens transform the opening and closing of furniture in an actual experience, increasing the movement comfort. Their systems for pull-up doors, hinges, pull-out systems and four different movement technologies, all of them offer high comfort to better enjoy the kitchen environment. The kitchen transforms in a welcoming and functional environment designed specifically for the needs of the modern family.

A space to live fully thanks to accessories and avant-garde comfort.

All Concreta kitchens meet high quality and efficiency standards, making room for new needs of a more dynamic and ever-changing life.
The Italian design of Concreta is at your service.